Start From Scratch to Make My Roguelike


After deciding to make my dreamed RPG game, I took a research on various RPG games. As a result, I found it almost impossible to realize my dream for it being too ambitious. I decide to focus on small parts of the game world like dungeons and towers.

Since I don’t like ASCII interface , I have little experience on traditional roguelike games like Nethack or Angband. But I can still feel that their’s concept meets my expectation.

Here is a list of informations I found about Rougelike



You rush in with a cloud of excitement and begin to imagine how exciting it would be if your big, wonderful idea were realized. However, with only a vague picture that exists in your mind, when you actually start to do it, you are lost, and then you calm down and think about it, and realize that you cannot handle such a complex task at your current beginner level. As a result, you feel lost and the exciting thoughts in your mind dim. Turn around, with a lonely mood, you returned to the road before, with a state of numbness to continue to live. That’s not what you want, is it?

if so, please continue.

  • Keep it as small as possible. Too much expectation creates too much stress.Although the game may be rudimentary, buggy, and even boring to others, you should be aware that you did it, that you made a game, and you should be proud of it.

  • Don’t get stuck in your original goal and refuse to give up. In the process of continuous learning, act according to your ability and make reasonable use of the skills or tricks you have mastered.

  • Be an active part of the developer community. There are a lot of development resources and enthusiastic developers in the community.Community is always your best friend.

  • Since you have decided to do this thing, don’t interrupt easily because of work or study life. Once interrupted, you may delay for days or even weeks.

  • Before you make a game, figure out its core mechanics. Without it, everything else is just a castle in the air.

  • Right now, I wouldn’t consider making a commercial game, because commercial games are often accompanied by quality that matches their price. I have no way to guarantee the quality, and open source is the best choice.

  • You may thinking “I have 2D games”. Actually, a 2D game is technically no different from a 3D one. You are doing the same things, just rendering everything flat.

  • Game Developer Community

First Commit

Hello World

Across the great wall, we can reach every corner in the world.


About Me

As the title of this blog page shows, I like to refer to myself on the Web as k2kra or Ark2000, after the name of the protagonist in an SFC game combined with my birth year.

Based on my past experience, I hope to be a game designer first and a software engineer second in the future.

Lived in China, I’m still in my college life.